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Connie Colangelo
Vice-president: Shirlie Maitland
Secretary: Laura Erano
Treasurer:  Michael Brockbank

Board Members: 
B. Donald Ackerman Anneke Bull
                            Amy Brule, Alden (Joe) Doolittle
                            Ron Lagasse, Laura Lee Linder
                            George Trimarco

Committees and Chairs:

Adult Exchange 
- Connie Colangelo

Membership / Nominating - Kay Ackerman - Shirlie Maitland

Youth Exchange Committee   Amy Brule, Connie Colangelo  Michael Brockbank, Laura Erano, Sarah Erano, Teresa Kennedy, Ron and Donna Lagasse, Laura Lee Linder, Ellen McHale, Teresa Norton, Kate Rose, Becky Rose, Linda and Yves Sagaille, Jo Slater.

Fund Raising  - Joe Doolittle - Shannon Kelly - Michael Brockbank

Newsletter  - Amy Brule

Auditing  - Steve Balser, Peter Bernardi

Meeting Coordinator  - Laura Lee Linder

Hospitality  - Jo Slater, Gay Doolittle


September 2016 Dutch adults to Schenectady - planning ongoing

July 2015 Dutch youth to Schenectady - successfully completed

July 2014  American youth to Nijkerk - successfully completed

EXCHANGE HISTORY: B. Donald Ackerman is putting together a history of the exchanges.  If you have something that you would like added to this history, please contact Don at 393-5000.

DUES:  For the next year 2016 dues are $25.00.
   Please mail dues
to Kay Ackerman, 806 Pinewood Avenue, Schenectady, NY 12309.  Please make checks payable to "Schenectady-Nijkerk Council".  This is our main source of income and supports the exchanges.  A star on your mailing label indicates that we have received your dues and we thank you for your support.  Membership on the Committee is open to everyone.

Click below for a copy of the text of the  
Schenectady City Code Section Creating the Council