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Nijkerk's 600 year birthday as a city!

The Nijkerk Schenectady Foundation  Our equivalent organization in the Netherlands 

Official websites of the City of Nijkerk and the City of Schenectady

The historical societies of Nijkerk and Schenectady

Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Maxima in New York for the 400th celebration (Dutch TV clip) with Albany Museum visit showing Nijkerk youth exchange team members.

Henry Hudson - 400th year anniversary of the Voyage of Discovery

The New Netherland Institute - Translation and publication of Dutch documents in New York

De Stad Nijkerk September 21, 2009 Article (in Dutch) on VanCurler tablet rededication

Rededication article September 21, 2009 - Schenectady Daily Gazette

De Stad Nijkerk  September 16, 2009 - Article (in Dutch) about the exchange programs

Nanne and Ankie Two great Frisian Songwriters and Singers.  See also
Old Songs, Inc. for additional information.

Holland Society -  American organization for discovery and preservation of documentation about New Netherland inhabitants in the Dutch colonial era.

Onrust Project -   The first Dutch ship built in the Americas - a true life reconstruction performed in Schenectady.  Here is also a blog entry about the launching with several pictures.

THE HALF MOON: Many special thanks to Sir William 'Chip' Reynolds, Skipper of the Half Moon, and the New Netherland Museum http://www.newnetherland.org/  for the very interesting and motivating presentations on trips aboard the Half Moon.  You can view more information about the Half Moon at /http://www.halfmoon.mus.ny.us/ . The Half Moon is a full size replica of Henry Hudson's 1609 ship De Halve Maen.

Dutch in America - English Language News for the Dutch in America   

Picassa  - a free photo management program from Google that allows organization, importing, and exporting of photos in various sizes and pixel densities - excellent for web publication.